Enni Ojutkangas





I grew up on the outskirts of the Northern Finnish city of Rovaniemi, right by the arctic circle. Through an occurrence I happened to make my film debut at the age of seven in Rikos & Rakkaus, which is how my passion was lit. I proceeded acting in an amateur theatre, and later moved to Tampere and began my acting studies at Finnish Theatre Academy (Suomen Teatteriopisto) in 2011.

I graduated from Standard Studies in Acting in 2012 and Further Studies in Acting in 2013, and was honored to receive the Most Improved Acting Award in both years. I then moved to Helsinki where I studied in a private musical theatre school during 2013-2014. In 2013 I also started my studies in Theatre Research and Film and Television Studies at The University of Helsinki, graduating with Bachelor of Arts in 2017. After that I dedicated a year to acting in English, and graduated from English Drama course at West Finland College in May 2018.

Alongside all the studying of course, over the past years I’ve been doing films, theatre and improvisation theatre. One of my latest bigger works has been doing a lead role in a feature film Elysium Hernalsiense in Vienna, Austria.

What I really love in this job and way of life is the excitement, challenge, suspense, intriguing characters and always finding something new. And above all, I look forward to facing all kinds of new adventures!



Film, TV (selected)

Elysium Hernalsiense
Lily (lead feature) (dir. Bernhard Kammel)

Bunny The Killer Thing 
Sara (lead feature) (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Kyrsyä – Tuftland 
Kerttu (dir. Roope Olenius)

Presidentti (tv series) 
Childminder (dir. Lauri Nurkse)

Nuotin Vierestä (Off Key) 
Contest Clerk (dir. Lauri Nurkse)

Kimmo (tv series, season 3) 
Receptionist (dir. Teppo Airaksinen)

Downshiftaajat (tv series) 
Seller (dir. Teppo Airaksinen)

Backwood Madness (Coming soon)
Lotta (dir. Ari Savonen)

Guilt (Lunastus) 
The Rebellious Girl (dir. Marton Jelinko)

Red Static (Coming soon)
Sofi (dir. Sami Pöyry)

Love Records 
Jumpsuit woman (dir. Aleksi Mäkelä)

Nymfit (tv series) 
Nymph (dir. Miikko Oikkonen)

Kesäheinä – A day of July (short) 
Girl (Lead) (dir. Esteri Orjasniemi)

The Fine Artists (short) 
Jenni Virtanen (Female Lead) (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Waitress (dir. Jesse Haaja)

Jouko Vailla Tulevaisuutta 
Angel Woman (dir. Harri Korkiakoski, Jani Alaluusua)

The Retake (short) 
Emma (Lead) (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Case Rabbit (short) 
The Girl (Female Lead) (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

The one who hated the darkness (short) 
Creature (dir. Niina Ylipahkala)

Tv host (Dir. Jevgeni Lensu)

Project Destiny (short) 
Destiny (Female Lead) (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Maupertuis ja Lapin yö (short)
Female figure (Lapin Amk)

Renewing Mikael (short) 
Prostitute (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Shokkitreffit (short) 
Saved Girl (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Ordinary Decent Peepers (short) 
Teen Girl (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Voluntary Blindness (short) 
Female victim (dir. Tuomas Massa)

Rikos ja Rakkaus 
Sara Rikkilä (dir. Pekka Milonoff)

Music videos, web series

Lordi – Scare Force One 
Devil Stewardess (dir. Niina Ylipahkala)

SUOTANA – Into The Ice
Ghost woman (dir. T. Marttinen & T. Saikkonen)

Korpi – Lähe meille 
Heila (dir. Tapani Hiedanniemi)

Awe To Low – Goblins Keen 
Sunshine (dir. Juha Rintala)

The Ratz’n Roll – Falling Down 
The Girl (dir. Joonas Makkonen)

Helsinki Blvd (Web-series) 
Casting dir. Siri Jokinen (dir. Miska Kajanus)

Lirissä (Web-series) 
Jossu (Karelia Amk)


Chaos (Kaaos) (2013)
Emmi (dir. Jevgeni Haukka)

Lemmenjuonia (2014)
Suza (Lead) (dir. Juha Matikka)

The Girls of Winter War (Talvisosan tytöt) (2013)
Emmi Salminen (dir. Pekka Saaristo)

Treasure Island (Aarresaari) (2012-13)
Lily, Blind Man, Lookout (dir. Stephen Morgan-MacKay)

Teechers (2017)
Hobby, Ms Jones, Piggy P. (dir. Andrew Fearn)

Four Plays for Coarse Actors (2018)
Various Characters (dir. Andrew Fearn)

Helge’s life (Helgen elämä) (2014)
Tina’s Fear, Mirri (dir. Johanna Torasvirta)

Aikaan tuomitut (2015)
Woman, Paipe (dir. Johanna Torasvirta)

Pohjalla (2013)
Anna (dir. Leila Karttunen)

Cinderella (Tuhkimo) (2012)
Lady in Waiting, Magic Horse (dir. Vesa-Matti Komonen)

Viittä vaille lusikka nurkkaan (2012)
Various Characters (dir. Jevgeni Haukka)


Finnish Theatre Academy (Suomen Teatteriopisto) 2011-2013 (Standard and Further Studies of Acting)

Musical Theatre Acting School Musti (Musiikkiteatteri-ilmaisun koulu Musti) 2013-2014

University of Helsinki: Theatre Research + Film and Television Studies 2013-2017, Bachelor of Arts 2017

West Finland College: English Drama 2017-2018

Personal Awards

Best Actress
(tie) for The Fine Artists in an international film competition Four Points Film Project 2014 (Prev. National Film Challenge, US)

‘Most Improved Acting’ award in:
Further Studies in Acting at Finnish Theatre Academy  2012-2013 and
Standard Studies in Acting at Finnish Theatre Academy  2011-2012

Most prominent film awards

Elysium Hernalsiense (lead feature)
Best Feature Film (Main category, International) a.k.a Antonioni Award at Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival (Blowup film fest) 2018

Bunny The Killer Thing (lead feature)
Madness Award Best Film at Nocturna Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival 2015
Best Exploitation film at Arizona Underground Film Festival, US 2015
Best Film (Audience Choice) + Funniest Film at Fright Night Theatre Film Festival, Hamilton, Canada 2016

Kyrsyä – Tuftland
Best Feature Film (Jury Award) at Cinemafantastique International Genre Film Fest 2018
Best Narrative Feature at Arizona Underground Film Festival 2018
Best Domestic Feature at Scandinavian International Film Festival 2018
First Look Award at Horrorant Film Festival ’Fright Nights’ 2018

The Fine Artists (female lead short)
Best Film in an international film competition Four Points Film Project (2014)

Case Rabbit (female lead short)
Best Film in an international film competition 100 Hour Film Race (2012)

Renewing Mikael (female lead short)
2nd Best Film and
‘Best Acting Ensemble’ award at 100 Hour Film Race (2013)

Voluntary Blindness
Best Film in an international short film competition PlayOff (2012)


Improvisation, Taekwondo (Yellow Belt), Fencing, Dancing (jazz, show, hiphop), Acrobatics (basic), Riding (medium), Car Driving Licence

Basic information

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Height: 157cm (5’2’’)
Languages: Finnish (Native), English
Hair: Golden/light coppery blonde
Eyes: Blue/green